Don Sullivan's Dog Training Ripoff Scam from Thane Inc

When I ordered the "Dog Father's" training program, Thane Incorporated's "ghost" company called WC Value Plus, automatically bills your checking account without your permission.In a call to them, they said that it was "assumed" that you would want their discount coupon service.

I had to stop my bank account and get a new check card. This has caused me untold grief. I have asked why the FBI or someone does not step in and stop this ripoff, but nobody seems to care.

My advice to everyone is to steer clear of anything ordered from TV or Thane Inc.

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Sadie 4290

Jan 17 Riverside, California

The collar and Leash with video , to control pulling , was recommended, they said it worked only after two times of use , I can buy it on Amazon for 19.99 , I can also return it with no problem if it doesn't work , I have 30 days , I'd say that's a bargain . We will see !

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Aug 11, 2014

This post by: tiffanycameille Jan 20 Norway, Michigan is so ridiculously false & probably part of the scam!!!

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Jan 20, 2014 Norway, Michigan

No complaints here! I ordered this product and had no problems with billing, no problem with shipping, and pleased with the results.
Watch the two videos that come in the "Secrets to Training the Perfect Dog." The videos cover the many problem areas with oners have with their dogs. Follow as instructed, and in no time you will have a well behaved dog.
Anyone who says the tips don't work, I would say they didn't follow through with what they know they should have.
What Don Sullivan teaches is all common sense, but sometimes we need to be told that we are reinforcing our dogs unwanted behavior.
I'm sorry to read that others have had problems with this product.
I guess try at own risk, but I believe in this product. I have had problems with ordering other things sold on t.v., but no problems with Thane in association with Kaswit, Inc. (this product being discussed)

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Nov 29, 2013 Erie, Pennsylvania

can you uses these collars on boston terriers i read on here that pugs cant use these because of there snots being small can Bostons wear them? ,)

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Nov 16, 2013

Don Sullivan scam - ordered and paid with a credit card. Took 2 weeks to receive in operable CD's, called customer service 719-948-1589 to report the problem. They admitted they had problems and would send replacements. After 6 calls and 6 weeks the replacement CD's arrive and as the first set not operable. Called again got same answer. Was told if I paid shipping and returned them I could expect a full refund. I complied and no refund was forth coming and they can not find the order. Turns out customer service is a sub contract company that Sullivan hides behind. Asked for corporate name and address for corporate office and was denied. Buyer beware, appears to be a telemarketing scam that Sullivan is capitalizing on financially.

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Oct 19, 2013

At least it seems that all of you including the ones that got two collars only paid 60. We did the expedite and two collars and got one collar and a charge for over 160.00 on our credit card. They could have easily put two collars in the box. Called them up and they sent a postal form over an email. I am so mad that I haven't even tried the product yet. They are very un customer oriented. Rip offs in my opinion. They need to track down the box not me. They have all the details the postal service needs. Plus charging me that much and won't refund. BAD COMPANY!!!! I work retail. Someone needs to shut this company down and yes I stopped payment through my credit card!! :(

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Sep 15, 2013

Thank You foe letting everyone know about
Thane,Inc. You are very right some company's
Do stuff like that so Im glad you told me cause
I wont mess with them for sure.
Thanks again.

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Dec 06, 2012 San Francisco, California

This system REALLY does work if you follow the DVD's, are consistent and work 20 minutes a day with your dog. We have had many Weimaraners over the years and for any of you who have owned and lived with this breed, you will understand how stubborn they can be. We began using Don Sullivan's system after purchasing it on Amazon for our new Weim pup at 9 weeks of age. We also used it with our older Weim of 10-1/2 years who pulled terribly on a leash. This training worked miracles with both dogs. You have to continue to reinforce this behavior with the training methods one they have learned it. When our pup chewed up his leash, Thane sent me a new one, free of charge!

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mini pug mommy

Jun 21, 2012

the company states that this is safe for ALL breeds when in fact it is NOT for any smooshed in face dogs (like a pug) - i was told the collar is rubber when in fact it is hard plastic - a breeder and a vet both told me NOT to use this on my mini pug since these types of dogs are not allowed to wear collars but harnesses because of their breathing problems and nothing should be on their throat area - it would cause more problems for the dog - when i called thane to tell them this they gave me a RMA# and told me i would be refunded the amount i was charged - i told them i want the $9.95 s/h back since i was misinformed and they said no - so they still get money even though it only cost a couple of dollars to send and they are not informed properly from this "dog trainer" that it should not be used on certain dogs - SHAME ON YOU DON SULLIVAN and the company that sells your product - another ripoff - jerks!!!!

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Apr 06, 2013 Albuquerque, New Mexico

if you have a pug are you telling me you just found out your pug needs to wear a harness. have you been putting your pugs on leashes. shame on you, everyone knows pugs wear harnesses so it just sounds like you decided you couldnt afford the program. i am ordering this today of my own free will in the hopes it will work for my two huskys who are two years old. i have been reading reviews but also making sure i can afford this first which is why i have been reading reviews to help me make this very important decision. you knew your pug couldnt be put on a caller as everyone including those who dont own pugs know this as well. you were hoping to get this for free and it didnt work. you helped me decide to purchase this. it must be good if someone like you tries to get it for free. seriously!!!

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Apr 22, 2013 Pine Mountain Club, California

Hi Emma, I think you should read the review by the Pug owner again, because you obviously misunderstood what you read. They knew that they couldn't use a collar on their Pug, but the system said that it was for "all breeds" which led them to believe that there must be some sort of harness option. All they were trying to do, was get their money back, because obviously the system isn't for "all breeds." And they returned the system, so they weren't trying to "get it for free" as you claimed. I really hope you are happy with the system, based on what I've read, I think you will be. However, in the future before you accuse people of things, you really should know what you're talking about, otherwise you make yourself look unintelligent and spiteful. Just an observation.

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Jul 19, 2013

Mercenarygrip I am glad to see I wasn't the only one who took offence to Emma's comments. I am happy to see there are still people online who stand up for others when they are unfairly "attacked".

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Jul 19, 2013

sounds like you work for don Sullivan or the manufacturer.....why do you sound like your personally insulted by the pug owners comments....come on please. Not everyone knows what you assume is commonly knowledge, I have never been around a pug and had never thought about what they can and cannot wear. I feel confident someone put you up to defending this product. Shame on you emma.

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Sep 15, 2013 San Francisco, California

Emma can I ask why you would even assume
The pug owner was trying to get Don Sullivan
Perfect Dog Training kit for free?
Is it because you probably try getting things
You are not as intellegant as you may sound Emma
You really need to check yourself cause you can
Really wreck yourself talkin *** about something
Or someone,you dont have a clue about so please
Take a big chill pill,relax & an apology would be
A nice thing to hear from you,I know the pug owner
Would really appreciate that,knowing either way
You shouldnt be talkin negative *** reguardless
It wasnt your money paying for the item so there
For word of advise:" IF YOU CANT SAY SOMETHING

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Jun 21, 2014 Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

That's funny. Are you reading what you're writing?

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Jan 08, 2012

I completely concur that Thane Inc is a disaster so I purchased Don Sullivan's system on eBay from a reputable seller. I purchased the full system plus an extra collar and training lines for $60 shipping included. I agree that there is nothing special about the training lines and if you were so inclined you could make them yourself. They do however work well with the system. The collar is pretty good. I saw similar ones at a large pet retailer which went for $20 each and were much poorer quality so I would assert the collars are a good value.

The DVDs are very clear and Don Sullivan does know what he is talking about. Yes, you are learning to be the alpha dog in your pack, but he does not employ intimidation and coercion. He uses a pretty age old training technique which is foundational upon insisting that your dog complies to all your commands immediately.

I actually find Don's system to be one of the most humane and realistic as he advocates 100% compliance to achieve 100% reliability so that your dog will ultimately have the best life possible. He makes no qualms about the fact that if you want a well behaved dog you must exercise them rigorously, allow them social time with other dogs and the must be an integral part of your family life.

I guess my point is that Thane Inc. is definitely a difficult consumer entity to deal with, so don't; however, Don Sullivan's system itself is not a scam.

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Sep 15, 2013 San Francisco, California

Amilak thank you for letting me know that
From Ebay,I almost forgot about Ebay since
I havent bought anything there in years,now
I know where Im getting mine from.
Thanks again Sara & Spunky
( my 4 year old Chuhuaha)

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Jana Stacy

Dec 11, 2011

My question is for how many of you did it work. I noticed a dog trainer commented as a repeat customer.

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Sep 15, 2013 San Francisco, California

Jana Stacy,my dad bought two of these for
The twin miniture doberman pincher puppies
That his neighbor just threw in a garbage can &
Put the lid on the can like they were trash,their only
Nine weeks old no less their names are:
Miracle & Angel they are brother & sister but he
Said when he got the perfect dog trainer it worked
Almost immediatly & perfectly so beings my
Brother is a cop & has freinds with dogs to they
All went & bought it saying it really works so yes it does
Work like it should.

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stupid scam

Nov 05, 2011

You all have been had. Use a choke collar instead. This guys a joke. The whole thing is about show your dog that your the alpha and dominating them. Don't spend money on this joker.

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