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When I first got my dog I knew very little of them and bought the collar and the dvd apart from the training being completely ineffective the collar caused physical harm to my dog.I put it on her once and it seemed fine he sure slowed down but the second time he wore it he was bleeding when I took it off if him!Since then I have taken a course I. Dog training and have myself become a different trainer in the course I learned that the prong collar is actually the worst type of collar you could possibly get for your dog.It is still part of the negative based training that is completely wrong.

Reason of review: Method and harm .

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I ordered it paid for collar dvd and ball to retrieve..Never got it at all please if you have a ph num I saw on tv pd with credit card thanks.I feel robbed!!!


Sounds like you still know very little.

Ohio, United States #1321117

If you made your dog bleed using this collar, it's your fault. You did the right thing in your situation, I'm glad you found a method that works. Remember, not all negative reinforcements are bad and not all positive reinforcements are good.

to Anonymous #1348429

Go check your terms. All reinforcements increase behavior; "positive" and "negative" have nothing to do with "good" or "bad." Not being picky--these are fundamental training terms that ANYONE giving training advice should be able to use clearly and correctly.

Newburg, Maryland, United States #1230214

Prong collar is the worst kind of dog collar can you explain why?

Hancock, Michigan, United States #1208250

thanks for this comment! I was trying to look into what kind of training this is but now I know, screw getting that!

Falls Church, Virginia, United States #1182105

The prong collar works in training. We've used them for 20 years.

If your dogs neck is bleeding from it. It's very apparent you have no idea what your doing and probably should not have dog.

to Anonymous Edison, New Jersey, United States #1203170

Just because it works for your dogs, it doesn't mean it works for all dogs. I don't understand on how you judged somebody's wrongdoing without really know what went wrong !!

to Anonymous Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1318863

this is a plastic pinch collar not a metal "prong" collar. If your dog was bleeding then you injured your dog. There is nothing in the plastic collar that could make your dog bleed.

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