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The breeder told me to purchase this system for the new puppy I was getting. Doesn't work at all on this dog, couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong.

I've re-watched the videos over and over again and it just doesn't work with my dog. Total waste of $100.00 bill. If this is sooooo good then why does my GS act like it's not even on him? Those chintzy ropes attached are totally worthless to thin to grab and the dog yanks them thru my gloved hands as you can't grasp them do to size and quality of the product.

Like to see Mr.

Sullivan train this dog. This dog just turned a yr old is 28" high and starting to bulk in size he weights over 100 lbs.

This reviewer shared experience about "this so called product that works on any dog, does not work on mine" and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $100. The author is overall dissatisfied with Don Sullivan and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about don sullivan pet collar from Don Sullivan was quality of the product and does not work on all dogs as stated Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Grass Lake, Michigan, United States #1299346

You must be ***, meaning you can't use information. If this product fails its because of the consumer.

This can be used on any breed. There are some really dumb people out there and you are one of them. If you had a half a wit, you'd realize all you need to do is buy the CDs and be able to comprehend and apply the training which you FAILED to do. Anyone with a half a wit can see the rope provided is inferior implying adjust and get your own ***.

*** buy your own gloves ya stooge - who wants those rugged farm hand gloves - think. You need to learn HOW to think - rally!

Wendell, Idaho, United States #1250265

Hmmm...have you ever thought that maybe it's you that isn't working? Maybe try having someone else give it a try.

Preferably someone more neutral than you. It could be that your dog is picking up on your emotions and frustration, or likely he picked up on your negativity and doubt right from the start. Believe it or not, your dog is far more intelligent than you think. If he senses that you are just going through the motions and you don't truly believe in what you are doing he may see it as a weakness.

He may feel that he has no choice but to assume the dominant role because he does not trust that you have it in you to be his pack leader. Why should he trust you when you don't even believe in yourself, or in the strategy/techniques you are trying to use on him. All dogs have the intelligence to learn trust and respect from the philosophy and training provided in these DVDs, it's the human condition that complicates everything. Don't give up on him or on yourself.

Try it again, this time just forget all of the frustrations and negative thoughts and just focus on the goal. Remember that he WILL sense what you are feeling so make sure you keep an open mind and a light heart. He needs to know he can trust you and that you accept and love him...but also that you are not going to tolerate bad behavior. I promise that once he knows what you expect from him and he senses your inner peace and strength...he will respect you and he will actually find joy in pleasing you.

Just remember that you cant truly rule effectively through fear or anger, or even brute force. The key is respect and trust, your dog will follow you through 'the depths of ***' and back again if he respects and trusts you.

Try it again, I know you can do it! God Bless you and your GS!

to Optimistic1 Greensburg, Pennsylvania, United States #1316439

Buy a real product that works. There is a guy in my area that invented a new dog leash that trains the dog for you!

My wife met him at the park took a walk and came home with a new dog. Check it out on YouTube it's called alphaleadz. That guy said what don sells is pain and junk. My wife tried Dons system and it don't work.

I'm pretty mad she blew $100. Thanks to that other guys leash our mastiff walks like a pro now.

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