A friend of mine found an abandoned puppy and we took the puppy home. After a short time, we found him to unruly, destructive and aggressive.

We were at a point that we needed something drastic or we would have to get rid of the dog. I saw the ad for Don's Perfect Dog DVD and ordered. I carefully watched the videos (some sections several times to make sure I understood them) and red the booklet. I then began the training of my dog and in just a few minutes he was following commands.

He became a great dog and we couldn't be happier. I shared the information with a friend that was having issues with a hyperactive dog that would run off all the time.

Shortly after he tried Don's method he was taking his dog to the park and having no issues. This is the best dog training method I have seen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Don Sullivan Dog Training.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #1176823

I totally agree. It made an unbelievable difference in my rescued Afghan hound in less than a week. Her barking and aggression to other dogs has improved 95%.

Rockwood, Tennessee, United States #1130790

Your's is the first good review I've seen about Don Sullivan's DVD. I've taken animal training classes and 3 years of my pre veterinarian classes.

I've trained many animals very well. Butt I now have a Dalmatian and a great dane that will not stay in my yard. It's to the point where my neighbor is taking me to court. I don't have enough money or time to buy or watch the DVD.

We were hoping you had some time to share some info/idea's with us. This could save animals or kids lives. My kids know not to go into the road but once I caught their friends and them shooing the dogs back inside the fence from the road. They thought they were helping but I explained how dangerous the road is.

Now I need to teach the dogs LOL. I'd really like to know and understand his barrier technique... Not sure what it's called but the technique he uses to stop the dogs from running out of the house and into the road. I've tried everything from positive reinforcement, treats, timeout, chains, and I even put up fence up and I even tried putting them on of change nothing has worked.

Please if you could take a few minutes tell me in my improve my family's life tremendously. And even keep my pets and kids safer.

Thanks for your time and effort . If it's easier for you to get ahold of me directly my email is: alissadalee@gmail.com

to Anonymous #1359764

A covered dog run is best until you can be in the with him to train and work with him . There is an inward angled fence top barrier that can put up for cats and likely dogs too look up kackson galaxys cat containment fences and its that but stronger shouldnt be hard to build and and add tobyoir fence hope you find answers.

I am trying to train a dog i neednto rehome that showed up and after mamy ads no response. But glad because he shows strong behavior of a seriously abused dog. Hes kennel trained nowm working on the jumping but still need to keep him under control better. And preparenhim for a great forever home.

He has border collie hypermess.

Im on disability and spendingntoo much for food as it is. Wpuld love to buy.used product

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