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I have a 6 month old lab he peed and pooped in the house 3 times after i left him out what do i do. I ordered the perfect dog and i have 2 more labs coming in oct. 6 weeks old what am i doing wrong

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They are babies we took our lab out about every 20 minutes during the day, then after a few days about every 30 etc. always praised her and made a big deal everytime she went outside, by the time she was 10 weeks she never went in the house. You just have to be consistent.

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I got my labs there 6 weeks old all they do is pee and *** in the there cage i need help

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Don, we had to take our puppy outside every 20 minutes (when we were home). We rewarded when he pottied outside.

Then we went every 30 minutes...etc..... This technique worked very well for us. Eventually you have to cut back on the treats though.

After a week or two you can also reward your dog for going pottie in a certain area of you like. This can also make your clean up easier ask the *** is in one confined area lol.

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