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Don Sullivan's training is alot of B.S. It does not work. We tried and tried but nothing worked like it was supposed to. I tried to send it back and they would not accept it. I would advise that no one buy this product!!

I have two dogs and was told that I had to puchase two items. It cost me double. Training two dogs at the same time is impossible. Again do not buy this product. It does not work. Don sullivan is selling a bunch of junk. I hope this helps some people who are thinking about this product.

PDK in Jacksonville, Fl.

Product or Service Mentioned: Don Sullivan Dog Training.

Monetary Loss: $105.

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Lafayette, Louisiana, United States #1316680

Probably should have trained them one at a time


Oxytocin. Figure it out.

Stop calling your animals babies.

That's the root of most of your issues.



Anthropomorphist. Let me guess. Your no pull harnesses won't work on your dogs either?

Equipment doesn't train dogs. People do. Whether they are aware of it or not.

And anthropomorphising is teaching bad habits. Whether you believe it or not.


Hello Bullgator. This is The DogFather Team.

We sincerely apologize that we only just discovered your review on this independent website. Your review was never sent to our company directly.

Success using Don Sullivan's Perfect Dog system depends on proper application of the corrective technique. Just the presence of the Command Collar alone on the dog will not change your dogs' behavior.

You as your dogs' leader need to assess your dogs' perceived level in the home pack hierarchy and then implement corrections at a level above this. If you implement corrections at a level lower than your dogs needs, you will not motivate them to submit to your authority. The issue is not with your breed of dogs (Don Sullivan's system is designed to work with all dog breeds), or the fact that you have two dogs. Rather, the problem most likely lies in your dogs' level of resistance and this can be easily resolved by adjusting the level at which you work with your dogs using the Perfect Dog system.

As explained in the Perfect Dog DVDs, every dog is different depending on the breed, individual personality traits, how many years bad behavior and habits have been allowed to develop in the dog, and many other factors. Therefore, every dog needs to be trained at a different LEVEL. However, the METHOD of training itself does not change since Don Sullivan's Perfect Dog system has been created to connect with the innate canine nature that is common to all dogs.

You will probably find that one of your dogs needs to be dealt with at a higher level than the other because that one has a more dominant personality.

For this reason, as Don Sullivan instructs, you should begin training the dogs separately until the foundation of the training is properly laid. Once the dogs are each responding quite well then you can bring them together for more advanced training. If you try to train them together from the very beginning, the dogs will be far less likely to listen to you and more likely to be influenced by one another's bad behavior. Obviously, this is what you experienced.

The reason for needing two sets of training equipment (two Command Collars and two sets of Freedom Training Lines) is so that the other dog can be kept under control while you train the other one.

If your dogs are a particularly strong challenge then Don Sullivan has provided specialized training tips under the "Equipment" section on DVD #1. In this section Don Sullivan provides critical tips on dealing effectively with stubborn, dominant, overly strong, overly exuberant, and/or aggressive dogs - or even dogs that are resisting giving up their self-perceived leadership in the home pack hierarchy by sulking, or using other emotional tactics. Even if a dog is just a puppy, the information discussed within this section is very relevant and it can be extremely helpful in overcoming most challenges.

Perhaps you will need to apply one or more of the training techniques within this section of DVD #1 for a while until you get a strong handle on things and overcome any challenges you're facing, but you will see results as long as you follow what is instructed. Unfortunately, some people give up when challenges arise and then they draw the incorrect conclusion that the training system doesn't work. We hope this information has been of help to you.

Sincerely, The DogFather Team.


Thank you for saving me money


I am so glad i read the comments before i went and ordered it..I told my husband it sound like a scam.There is no way u can train a puppy or a big dog in 10 minutes...I will train my shihtzu the way I have with the rest of my babies(dogs)

I am surprised you got both collars. I ordered two cost me over 169.00 and only got one.

Called them they gave me a postal form to fill out. Its not even the right postal form. Never again would I give these people the time of day, Going to see about returning but I doubt that would happen either.

Rip off's!!!! :( :(

I have a 13 year old mix and I did all her training and she has been the most behaved dog ever unlike my 6 month old lab who doesn't listen for ***. So the whole maybe you shouldn't own a dog is bull.

I got the training system and the collar never even phased her none of the techniques did. Soooo yeah maybe it works for some but surely doesn't work for all!!


I have had dogs all my life and trained them using similar methods, but Don has it down to a science. His methods are very effective and easy to follow.

Usually if you are having difficulty training the dogs then there is something you are not doing right. Not everyone can be a parent or a pack leader.


I am surprised that you didn't get any results from Don's system. I too have 2 dogs and have been using the system for two weeks and have seen a remarkable improvement in both my dogs' behaviour. I did all my command training with them separately, as suggested in the booklet, and am now training them simultaneously.

I purchased two collars and training lines and the DVDs which only cost me $60 (shipping included) on eBay. I didn't go through Thane as I almost ordered another product with them in the past and they are a pain in the *** to deal with.

Sorry to hear you didn't have any success. You may consider starting the training separately as I don't think it would work otherwise.


It would be nice if you gave some more details about why they wouldn't let you return and also your experience with attempting to use the system. What did you do and what were the actual results.

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