This is an excellent DVD. I wish I had it years ago when I couldn't figure out how to get my shepherds to listen consistently.

For those who have dogs who are now frightened, or submissive urinating, its not the system that is the problem, it is still the person doing the training.

The person doing the training has to pay attention to the dog. Some dogs are really pretty dumb, and/or delicate and it requires being much more gentle and/or patient in waiting for a flicker of understanding, and for a sensitive dog a very light touch.

The correction is to get the dogs attention, and may be barely a feather light tug for a gentle submissive dog. Its the consistency and being sure to follow through why the system works so well. A dumb dog may need many many very light corrections until it "gets it". Shih Tzu's and their mixes are notoriously slow on the uptake and often need 10 times the time to understand something, done in a way to get their attention without frightening the dog.

No two dogs are alike some may need to be about pulled off their feet, others a feather light touch. Pugs are super sensitive, and can be very slow to understand some things. The training is to be done with authority, but balanced with love for the dog. Did you see the part of him petting and playing with the dogs?

Those who have dogs who are not happy and they are acting too submissive with the training method please try reading the book "The Art of Raising a Puppy" by the Monks of New Skete. Lots of information on understanding the temperament of your own dog and how each dog is different, while they all need constancy, practice and following through. Lots of tips on training written out really well so it may be easier to understand and help with the dogs current problems.

We have a kennel and also do dog rescue. We like to balance this method with occasional treats and lots of praise for those dogs who are very sweet but a bit slow. They stay sweet and happy but also learn to listen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Don Sullivan Dog Training.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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